Assessing Business Value: Technology Leader or Laggard

Technology has enabled the pace of change in today’s marketplace to accelerate at a breathtaking speed.  Companies that were once industry leaders can now be left behind in a matter of a few years or even months.  What’s more, that pace of change and disruption does not appear to be slowing down.

To ensure success, companies must make a concerted effort to consistently upgrade and replace workstations and software.  Data security must be kept top of mind, even for the smallest of businesses.  Employees who lean on the excuse “I am not very good at using a computer” must be proactively trained, or they risk being left behind.

If ownership becomes complacent, the cost to bring a company and its employees technologically current can be very expensive.  Keep investing in the latest software, hardware and technical employee development as the ongoing viability and value of your business depends on it.