Planning and Goal Setting

There are many benefits to setting clear and consistent short term and long term-goals including a plan to achieve them. Best summarized, if you have clear directions to your favorite vacation spot, the chances of arriving at the destination increase dramatically.

Each year, the preseason for most teams starts by studying the playbook and practicing before setting out on the ultimate goal of winning games. Once the plan is in place, it is easier for individual players to execute. Keep in mind, those that consistently do the fundamental things well like blocking, tackling and avoiding the big mistake (a crucial turnover) more often than not win.

Alternatively, teams that lack a clearly stated goal or have inconsistent practice habits have a hard time working together toward success. Common pitfalls include team members who start to improvise on the fly. Or worse yet, individuals or small groups who develop their own personal agendas within silos that may not be consistent with the good of the whole organization.

Generally, great talent is very important. Winning takes well-defined plans, practice and team wide commitment to a consistent end goal.

When I take on a client, business relationships and teamwork improves, financial goals are met, and personal piece of mind follows.

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