Purpose, Profits, Both

I was thinking the other day about how I am starting to look at my work through a different lens. For example, if I were to have written down my top five career priorities as a 25-year-old, making a lot of money would have been near the top of the list for sure.

Today, working solely for profits isn’t enough for me and usually isn’t enough for most employees. Working for a purpose is important too, and I contend that companies need to balance the drive for profits with a clearly defined purpose to keep the best employees.

For example, great leadership starts with the recognition that one of the most important long-term purposes of any organization is to create and maintain jobs that ultimately feed families. Taking that another step, I believe a great leader also needs to push those around them to ethically and equitably treat business partners such that those organizations can do the same.

Consider how I titled this article. Lead with purpose. What is the purpose of the organization you are leading or a part of? Whether that is a government, for-profit or non-profit organization, ethically and equitably balance that purpose with financial goals and great things can happen.

When I take on a client, business relationships and teamwork improves, financial goals are met, and personal piece of mind follows.

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