Corporate Advisor

At Mayhill, I know how personally invested you are in your business, clients, employees, vendors, and other business partners.

Corporate Advisor Services: An independent board member, voice, or mentor to business owners, partners, and key stakeholders seeking to:

Improve profitability

Enhance shareholder value

Chart a path to transition ownership

Expertise: Business & Strategy Development

Profitably launch a new business, product, or service:
  • Competitive products/services
  • Expected revenue ramp-up
  • Expected expense ramp-up
  • Marketing, branding costs
  • Sales support costs
  • Production, operations, delivery costs
  • Skills requirements, additional hiring
  • Capital expense
  • Forecasted breakeven
Expected margin, profitability

Corporate partnerships:

  • Assess strategic fit
  • Partnership development
  • Steps leading to strategic acquisition:
    • Introduction
    • Dating
    • Proposal and marriage

Business Exit: 

  • Create professional marketing materials
  • Determine competitive market price
  • Gather due diligence materials

Ensure transaction closes

Expertise: Corporate Infrastructure

Management best practices:
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Business planning:  
    • One-year
    • Long range
  • Goal setting:  
    • Corporate
    • Leadership team
  • Accountability
  • Leadership development, skills, gaps

Business data & analytics:

  • Corporate and department level scorecards
  • Management reporting
  • Potential technology and software efficiencies

Current use of data & analytics to successfully run the business

Software and efficiencies:

  • Assess current state
    • Existing software by department
    • Internal ownership
    • Level of adoption
    • Cost/benefit 
  • Define desired state

Expertise: Finance & Accounting

Annual budget setting:
  • Sales revenue and expense forecast
  • COGS expense forecast
  • General & admin expense forecast
  • IT expense forecast
  • Capital expense
  • Existing employee comp
  • Hiring for growth, timing, expense
Expected profit, margin

Ongoing profitability management: 

  • Monthly budget vs actual tracking
  • Monthly adjustments to revenue forecast, expenses, hiring, etc. to ensure annual profit margin

Pricing best practices:

  • Maximize corporate profitability
  • Maximize individual product/service profitability
When I take on a client, business relationships and teamwork improves, financial goals are met, and personal piece of mind follows.

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